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    'English refinement and aesthetic flair are key ingredients for many different types of accessories but, as far as watches are concerned, you’ll see few brands capturing the essence of being British better than the guys at Fredrick Jackson and their superb range of Tailor timepieces' - The Coolector


    Fredrick Jackson is a progressive contemporary British lifestyle brand, inspirited by 1910. We live by the ethos of "timeless design that enriches life"- a belief that echoes throughout the brand. 

    Our story begins in 1910, in a small bedroom at the heart of Oxfordshire. Sitting cross-legged on the floor, self employed tailor Fredrick meticulously handcrafted men's fashion for his loyal clientele. He hand stitched and finished suits & jackets, and completed alterations for clothing stores in the area. His attention to detail and love of flawless style became renowned, and we lean on his rich heritage for design inspiration and direction.

    Though we mirror the classic British style of our grandfathers, we remain forward thinking and relevant. We believe the modern gentleman takes on many different guises and aims to combine modern fashion trends with high quality tailored product.

    18 months of discussion, research, design & development have lead to the first step in our brand - the ‘Tailor’ watch range. Design and craftsmanship are at the heart of every idea at Fredrick Jackson, and we have worked tirelessly on our first timepiece. We have acquired the finest materials and used leading craftsmen to produce what we firmly believe to be a timeless modern classic.

    Yorkshire Post article - READ HERE

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